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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity (CI) includes all visual aspects and design elements of the company. The term goes far beyond the visible mark to cover everything from stationery to social media assets, billboards, employee uniforms, office signs to product packaging.

Why is corporate identity important? Because when applied consistently, it helps create a recognizable brand and remembered by the audience. Ensuring a consistent look and feel, at all points of communication puts you in the most influential possible position to determine how customers interpret your brand.

Creating a sustainable corporate identity is a complex system of building blocks that influence each other and work within and outside the company. This is a concept of the company’s image, based on its strengths. Creating a unique corporate identity takes time.

Corporate identity is all visual elements chosen to represent your organization’s overall face – from company logos to a font, logo, images, color palette, and much more created, especially for you. This is also evident in physical form, stationery, packaging, uniforms, goods, brochures, or online campaigns. Corporate identity design creates all these different company visualizations and the specific model that goes into them. Although they are not tied to a product or service, but to your company’s values, they are decisive for the face of the organization and, as such, should be representative of the company policy to which it adheres.

At the beginning of the process, various stages of the creation of corporate identity are planned and public presentations. Extensive research is being done on local and foreign markets.

During creating a unique corporate identity for your business, we will go through different stages. The process begins with our team’s acquaintance with your company, its business values, ​​and what is its uniqueness.

Once specific business goals have been set, and a brief has been drawn up, work begins on each corporate identity aspect. The whole process is realized in a close connection between you, as a representative of the company or organization, and our team. In this way, we guarantee that you have given your consent to every item created for you by our marketers and designers.

Wholly new or renovated corporate identity is presented publicly through various digital marketing channels such as social networks, search engines, and more. In this way, users “get acquainted” with your organization. Our specialists can get an idea of ​​how your identity is perceived among potential customers.


You can get acquainted with each step of creating a corporate identity at a short meeting with our representative. We will be close to you in the process of building the best face of your company.

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brand identity (branding & logo design) services or so-called branding which is offered from Marinext Consulting

Brant Identity (Branding & Logo design)

Although corporate identity and brand identity are often used interchangeably, we at Marinext Consulting assure you that these are entirely different processes.

While brand identity is determined by the emotional connection between business and customerscorporate identity is related exclusively to the organization’s appearance and feel. It helps the customer distinguish their favorite brand in the crowd from other businesses.

The brand name aims to evoke a sense of trust and reliability in the minds of your customers. In contrast, the development of corporate identity aims to “talk” about the team’s qualities, the added value to the services you offer, your ethics, and focus. The two concepts are interrelated – when your business can establish its unique identity, it becomes a recognizable brand.

When we think about a company’s identity, the first thing that crosses our mind is the design of the logoThe logo is a unique visual sign representing your company in the market, helps to convey the business message to your customers, and ultimately helps to sell your products and/or services.

But why is the logo so important? It grabs attention, and the goal is to make a strong first impression on your future customer. At the core of your brand identity, it makes your business memorable and sets you apart from the competition. Your logo promotes brand loyalty and is something that your customers expect from you.

During digitalization, consumers keep their attention for a very short time on each element. Companies have about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that their products deserve their attention. This is where the effect of your logo comes from. It can quickly interestingly attract consumers’ attention and “communicate” the company’s core values​​.

In this brief moment of attention, you can hold the user’s focus a little longer – your unique logo speaks for you. It is the introduction to what you want to say, and it can arouse interest and provoke a desire in your customers to learn more about your company.

A custom logo can take your business far and therefore requires an investment of time and money. The designer’s goal is to reflect the essence of your company through him. Our team of experienced designers knows the main areas of focus of the target customers, gets acquainted with your company’s business goals, its positive qualities, and more. Combining all these factors into a single graphic element, our designers create a unique visual identity for your business.

To “reveal” this identity, our designers use several tools such as font, color, and/or symbols. For example, to create a banking institution logo, it is not necessary to add an image of a bank receipt but to emphasize the reliability and stability of the bank. Even passing a bank office, you can notice the subtle use of color and clean font, which bring a sense of reliability and consistency.

Creating a flawless brand identity is not everything. The logo is part of the variables in the continually evolving business environment. Creating an identity is an ongoing process by which your company retains its place in the market.

In case your current logo does not connect with your customers in the way you want – it is unrecognizable or illegible, contact us. In such moments, your brand’s overall redesign will give a new look to your customers and show that you are always up to date.

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