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Landing pages and sales funnels building

What makes your website such a crucial part of your online presence?

If you’re looking to boost your online presence and grow your business, having a personalized and high-performing landing page is a game-changer. It’s like having a welcoming storefront that magnetizes potential customers.

A thoughtfully designed landing page not only grabs attention but also walks your visitors through exactly what you want them to do – whether it’s making a purchase, subscribing, or getting in touch. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a seamless and trustworthy experience that turns curious visitors into loyal customers, propelling your online success.

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Exclusive Niche Websites

I want to stand out in my niche!

In our journey of online growth, having a personalized and niche-targeted website is the key. It’s like tailoring your storefront to exactly what your customers are looking for.

By customizing your site to cater specifically to your target audience, you create a more engaging and relevant experience. This not only attracts the right visitors but also ensures they find exactly what they’re seeking, be it products, information, or services.

A niche-targeted website builds a connection with your audience, fostering trust and loyalty, which is vital for sustained online growth and success.


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Dash of Vigor

One of our iconic projects in the “E-Commerce” category. Dash of Vigor is a non-traditional innovative and specific product website that represents the power of Redi Vine and Horse Chestnut extract and their impact on the human body. It relies on communication and sales in a digital environment.

The website we created not only allows users to get their hands on this unique health supplement but also to find out all about the technology and innovation behind it.

The Roof Lead

The Roof Lead is an industry-leading marketing agency that provides full-spectre marketing solutions for roofing companies.

They had the idea of creating a multi-channel marketing system designed exclusively for roof constructors that can multiply their sales, transform their communication capabilities, and boost their profits.

We crafted a lead generation strategy, a landing page, and a 3-step sales funnel that are now regularly converting new customers for their agency for more than 6 months. We’ve integrated an email marketing campaign, a Facebook DM campaign, and other marketing automation methods to enhance user interaction and bring them a constant customer flow.

BNI Leader

In 2023, we partnered with global networking leader, BNI Leader in Varna, Bulgaria, to craft their digital identity.

Tasked by BNI Leader’s president, our team designed a website that embodies their ethos using the WordPress CMS platform. We narrated BNI’s journey and our collaboration through compelling content.

Additionally, we fortified their online presence with the domain and ensured seamless hosting. This project symbolizes our commitment and the evolving bond with BNI.

The Kickstart Company

KickStart Company sought to boost their SEO and website functionalities.

Their original site on Wix had limitations, leading us to recommend a shift to WordPress due to its versatility, scalability, and SEO advantages.

We crafted a site that exceeded client expectations, incorporating features like a seamlessly integrated chatbot to enhance user interaction and promptly address visitor queries.

Bartender Certificate

In the bustling world of bartending, we teamed up with a Bulgarian Guinness World Record holder, renowned for possessing four records in cocktail recipes.

This global mixology maestro sought our expertise for his unique venture: Bulgaria’s only bartending institution offering an internationally acclaimed cocktail certificate. With this vision, we crafted a website mirroring the allure of a finely mixed drink. Using technologies like WordPress CMS, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap, we ensured a seamless and captivating user experience.

Our design, infused with select WordPress plugins, not only informed but enthralled. After two dedicated months, the website stood as a digital marvel.

Chill Commerce

Chill Commerce’s website is a great example of a multi-lingual informative website.

We took a very basic site full of bugs and turned it into a creative presentation of the entire scope of the company’s activities with great visuals and photographs.

The project includes an interactive portfolio, 3D mapping and numerous eye-catching call-to-action sections which are turning visitors into potential customers. 

Magic Arsen

Our collaboration with Arsen, heir to the famed illusionist Astor, was a captivating endeavor.

Immersing ourselves in the realm of magic, our team was constantly amazed by Arsen’s artistry, prompting us to create a website that truly reflected his skills. Embracing this challenge, we embarked on a month-long design process, with Arsen giving us total creative autonomy.

The result was a visually stunning and functional website. Our development team then dedicated three weeks to ensure the site was not only responsive but also mobile-friendly, recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility in today’s digital age.

We utilized WordPress for its adaptability and features, making it the perfect choice for Arsen’s dynamic site.

Synergy Coach – a wonderful adventure in the world of Reiki, self-knowledge and climbing the ladder of success.

Synergy Coach is a custom-design and developed website focused on Reiki coaching. It offers guidance and support to individuals seeking to enhance their confidence, build high self-esteem, and navigate the path to success.

Through the practice of Reiki, the site may provide tools and techniques to promote holistic well-being, personal development, and a balanced approach to life.

Users may find resources and services designed to empower them on their journey towards becoming successful individuals.


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