A list of Ignored Social Media Marketing Tactics:

  1. Understand the power of Live Streaming
  2. Fewer Marketing Channels better the results
  3. Be Consistent on Publishing creative and Customer-driven Quality content
  4. Proper Use of social sharing buttons leads to conversion
  5. Giveaways through Social media
  6. Be an active part of social forum sites
  7. Employee engagement a positive tool
  8. Promote and Be Nice to others

It’s a thought-provoking quote, “Brands that ignore Social Media will die. It’s that simple.” This saying really defines well the importance of social media marketing in today’s business world. Enlisted motivating Social Media marketing tactics increases our more inclination towards using Social Media Marketing aggressively for our businesses:

There is an excellent probability that you are using the best social media marketing tactics. However, we still want you to dive in and explore the most ignored social media marketing tactics that can create a real impact on your business.


Profitable yet ignored Social Media Marketing Tactics

No doubt, businesses are getting a lot of boosts these days just by applying relevant social media marketing tactics. Still, several ignored social media marketing tactics should be re-considered for better results for your business.

Well, it’s always like an exciting challenge to make a profit from an idea that others have rejected as a failed opportunity. So here we go with the list few social media marketing tactics:

1. Understand the power of Live Streaming

The first ignored social media marketing tactics on our list is the proper use of live streaming. Live streaming is getting recognition for the past few years. Some of the statistics show:

  1. Live streaming is growing fast. For example, one report shows that “Live video” grew by 93%, with an average viewing time of 26.4 minutes per session.
  2. In 2018, 47% of live streaming video viewers watched more live video than last year.
  3. Live streaming Video rose 72.4% between 2018 and 2019 year.
  4. The online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020.
  5. The live streaming industry is expected to be valued at 184.27 billion USD by 2027.
  6. Millennials are the largest group of consumers of live content. 63% of people ages 18-34 are watching live-streaming content regularly.

The audience always prefers to watch live streaming videos more than the pre-recorded ones. There are two main reasons why the audience like live streaming:

All you need to do is post the live streaming video based on your audience’s interest and preference so that they may feel more connected with your live streaming session. It may help to create a win-win situation for your brand and your target audience as well.


2. Fewer Marketing Channels better the results


 “Just as you don’t need to be on every single TV channel, I don’t believe a brand needs to be on every single social media in one big way.” This saying from the famous speaker  Shiv Singh is our next profitable yet ignored social media tactic.

For Instance, you are dealing with B2B clients. So, it’s evident that your target client includes CEOs, presidents, or managerial level person. You can easily target them on LinkedIn as LinkedIn is dealing more with B2B clients and professionals.

Or, if your target market is England, people there use more Twitter than Facebook.

This ignored social media tactic will make you use the best of your resources on your most relevant marketing channel.


3. Be Consistent on Publishing creative and Customer-driven Quality content


The marketer focuses on publishing quality content. But the most ignored social media marketing tactic is to emphasize the importance of publishing creative and quality content. Brands these days are giving stress on posting videos and images. But the customer always gets attracted to creative stuff either intentionally or unintentionally. So, we need to publish our content comprising not just images and videos. It would be best to deliver the message through interesting memes, GIFs, animations, Infographics, and live streaming.

Our mentality should be based on the fact that our content should be updated with new coming trends. We also need to be consistent in publishing our content. Especially at times in which our target audience is usually online. So, customers can respond quickly to our upgraded content, and you may maintain your consistency.


4. Proper use of social sharing buttons leads to conversion


Social sharing buttons and their personalized and profit-oriented usage is one of the ignored social media marketing tactics. Marketers put a great effort into writing and publishing content. They consider it obvious that customers will find a way to share the message. But the fact is that Marketers haven’t created an easy social sharing process. Social Sharing buttons should be in proper position on the page so customers may find it quite easy to share content with others. Later it can be changed into a business. Before placing Social Sharing buttons on your blog page, you need to consider the following points:

Though social media marketing tactics ignore the above-stated way of increasing your business growth, we should try this remarkable tactic to get profits.


5. Giveaways through Social media


Providing giveaways through Social Media is ignored by social media marketing tactics. But certainly, one of the most enjoyable and profit-oriented activities for a customer. As everyone loves to get gifts, these giveaways are a great excitement for your target audience. It increases your page engagement and helps the brand create buzz marketing, and help get the number of followers. As Instagram deals more in images and videos. This campaign is most common on Instagram, allowing the customer to engage through good sharing, following, and tagging the friends. In this way, the customer gets the desired giveaway, and the brand receives good reach and a good number of followers. So, we cannot afford to overlook such useful Ignored Social Media Marketing Tactics.


6. Be an active part of social forum sites


Proper use of indulging your brand in a social forum is one of the most ignored social media marketing tactics. Marketers and business people usually consider it as a waste of time. But in the literal meaning, such social forum sites make you connect with your customers’ real problems. The customer using these social forum sites discuss their interest and issues on a particular site. By addressing the right problem at the right time can make you direct the customer to your website link. Thus that customers may find real solutions to their discussed problem through your brand online existence. Such Social Forum Sites can help you get a real insight into your customer issues and can help you to generate organic customers with minimum efforts.


7. Employee engagement a positive tool


This ignored Social Media Marketing tactics connects your outside customers with our inside customer (Employees). Thus, the brand’s goodwill can be created based on employee engagement promoting their brands through their success stories. People are always more interested to know inner stories and when it comes to employee engagement and testimony. People still love this idea of yours to humanize your brand. You can post employee lifetime achievement and their activities or life routine. How they get into business and how they are continuing with the positive spirit of your brand. In this way, your business profitability and post engagement can be ensured.


8. Promote and Be Nice to others


The most ignored social media marketing tactic, which is even considered a negative trait, is to be nice with other brands, which means to grow your brand by promoting other brands. You can tag other brands that are being part of your brand. You can promote the exciting work of other brands connected with your work. Your target audience may find useful information on your page, no matter if it’s related to other brands. People might conclude your brand image that your priority is to provide convenience and relevant information for your client. You can materialize this unique selling point in the future.




Last words for the Ignored Social Media Marketing Tactics


Social Media Marketing is one of the broadest components of Digital Marketing. One cannot imagine growing a business without Social Media Marketing Tactics to capture the most significant audience slot these days. It contributes to the real context in changing buying behavior and practices that are vital to promoting sales. Businesses use conventional ways to implement social media marketing practices and ignore a few advantageous marketing tactics we have shared in today’s blog. We believe that these ignored social media marketing tactics, which are certainly ignored by a number of brands, will help you figure out new ways to market through social media most creatively.

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