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The top 10 reasons to choose the CMS platform WordPress are:

  1. WordPress is free
  2. WordPress is ready for use
  3. SEO loves it
  4. Safe and secure
  5. Personalization options
  6. Easy to use
  7. A professional solution
  8. Integration opportunities
  9. Add different types of media
  10. Hosting and installation

Today is the time of digitalization and innovation! And more and more businesses are deciding to join the Internet.

When designing a website, we often get the question, “Do I have to call you every time to change the content of my site?”. The answer is “No.”. When you decide to create a personal website or one for your business, you have a lot of options and decisions to make. The question is whether you need a content management system (CMS platform), and if so, which one to choose.

This article will give you guidance on finding the right answer to your website needs. But let’s start from the beginning.

What is a Content Management System (CMS) platform?

This is application software that allows you to publish or edit the content of your dynamic website in an intuitive way in real-time. For the dynamic, we define this website, the content of which you do not need to make changes to the code, but using the administrative interface (also called the administrative panel). It lets you edit the website by yourself and without needing a programmer. A static website is most commonly used for business card type websites that rarely need content modification.

When do you need a CMS platform?

Typically, a content management system is used for sites that need frequent content updates such as blogs, news sites, or online stores. Although it is not uncommon to have a CMS behind something as simple as a marketing site. This allows you to keep the content fresh and is especially useful if you want to add new pages as product features unfold. CMS is also great if you plan to link your site to a blog.

How to choose the right CMS platform?

We recommend that you rely on the experience and advice of the developers who develop your website. Different platforms have applications in different fields of activity, so you need to find one that best suits the needs of the website for it to function flawlessly.

In this article, we will expand your knowledge of WordPress and why it might be suitable for you. Here are some important facts to know about it:

Important facts for the CMS platform “WordPress”

TOP 10 reasons to choose WordPress as your main CMS platform

1. WordPress is free

It doesn’t matter if you use your site for a personal blog or for a corporate website, WordPress won’t cost you a penny. In addition, it is open-source, which means that its code can be modified and improved in order to get the best experience for you and the users of your website. The WordPress team enhances its functionality once every 40 days. In addition, there is a large community of experts who are constantly creating new functionalities that make it all the more intuitive and modern. That’s why it’s important to make sure your website has regular updates – so you’ll always have the latest WordPress functionalities.

2. WordPress is ready for use

As soon as you install WordPress you can use it. Leaving aside the theme and the plugins you will use (for example WooCommerce) which need installation, it is ready to be used immediately. There is no need for further customization, and much of the functionality you are looking for is already installed with it – for example, search engine, ability to leave comments, and more.

3. SEO loves it

Of course, you want your brand to be recognizable and your website to be at the forefront of search engines. Then WordPress is the right choice for you. This platform is intended for SEO optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing tend to put sites that use WordPress ahead of those that use other platforms. This is because the structure of this content management system allows the optimal crawling of the website by “spiders” of search engines. Even Matt Cutts of Google personally endorsed WordPress when he launched San Francisco WordCamp in 2009 he says “that WordPress automatically solves many SEO problems“. 80-90% of the SEO requirements are automatically covered by it. And you have the difficult task of finding the best specialist to make the magic happen.

You can find out why you need SEO here.
An example of the benefits of SEO is the ability to easily correct URL slugs on your links.

This way, instead of using a similar link:


You will use this one:


Except that the link talking to you on its own, it makes it easier to be indexed by the search engines.

4. Safe and secure

Another reason WordPress is so beloved is the security measures developers take in order to keep their users trust. WordPress staff is constantly updating the platform. In addition, high-quality plugins also have regular updates and are constantly being improved and optimized. Of course, users should be cautious and only download plugins from trusted sources. The best option is to download add-ons through the WordPress admin panel on your website. It is a good practice to have your site further protected by the developers who work on it to keep you calm.

5. Personalization options

WordPress is designed so that even people with less web development knowledge can intuitively navigate through its functionalities. The innumerable extensions also called plugins will help you a lot with your website development. They give you the ability to customize your website not only visually but also functionally. You are required to install and activate them. So you can add a username with social networking information or a newsletter to your new website. For example, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds online store functionality to your website. The Yoast SEO extension helps to create sitemaps, organize non-meta tags and keywords for the website. Yoast SEO is a very useful tool for search engine optimization as well as the content that is displayed when sharing on social networks.

6. Easy to use

Another reason why people like to use WordPress is because of its simplicity. The platform is so easy to use that it is not difficult even for beginners. Not only that, but WordPress is also very intuitive – if you are looking for where to see all the pages on your website, you just hit the “All Pages” button in the admin panel, then select the page you need and you can now edit. If you want to create a new page, you can click “+ Add new” at the top.

OUR TEAM TIP: If you want to build a unique online presence, you have already targeted a web developer to create a custom WordPress theme for you. In this case, your admin panel will also be created individually for you. This gives you full control over every text, photo, or video on your website.

7. A professional solution

Many well-known brands rely on WordPress, such as the White House, TIME Magazine, Microsoft’s news site, Coca Cola, the Wall Street Journal, and more. This information may reassure you that if such reputable corporations and organizations have opted for the same content management system as you, then you are certainly not making a mistake in your choice.

8. Integration opportunities

WordPress allows countless integrations to make your website more modern. There are many plugins that allow you to easily run email campaigns or send newsletters or to accept bank card payments if you are an e-commerce company. You can find the right add-on for just about any type of feature you want to use on your website.

Let’s imagine that you have a physical store that has a warehouse system. You decide to digitize your business, but the task of completing the content is difficult because you have thousands of products with different photos and specifications. In this case, a WordPress developer can create a custom integration that allows for constant data transfer between your storage software and the website. This way, when registering a purchase on the site, the product availability in the warehouse software is updated. Similarly, when updating product data in the warehouse software, the data can be changed automatically on the website. This saves you valuable time and automates the process.

9. Add different types of media

WordPress is not limited to writing text. It comes with a built-in multimedia tool for image, audio, and video processing.

It supports websites with the “Embed” function, which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and audio from Soundcloud by simply pasting the URL for the intended location in WordPress Editor.

10. Hosting and installation

WordPress can be easily configured on virtually any web host, as it feeds approximately 35 percent of the entire network. Most hosting plans include a one-click installation or include a content management system already installed. This means that you have complete freedom when deciding where to host your website. You can easily find the cheapest or fastest hosting provider and you can even set up a local installation on your computer for development and testing purposes.

As you can see, you can use WordPress for a personal or business website, and there are very few things you can’t do with this powerful content management system. If you are not already using it, the 10 reasons outlined above should give you enough incentive to switch to it.

It is free, secure, and very responsive. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform, try WordPress.

Last words for WordPress

In conclusion, our team wants to advise you to contact a professional web developer as far as digitizing your business is concerned. WordPress is a powerful tool that must be used properly to get the results you want.

Our experience shows that websites created with a custom WordPress theme are significantly better indexed by search engines than those that use a custom WordPress theme. That’s why our team is here to discuss with you and find the right solution together. The purpose of the digital business is to make your brand recognizable, which requires a lot of work from the right professionals.

You can request your consultation now here!

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