The top seven Social Media Tips in 2020 to Get Noticed are:

  1. Be a Story Teller and Entertainer;
  2. Post Your winning game schedule among customers;
  3. Personify your brand;
  4. Use Emojis;
  5. Use a reasonable number of Hashtags;
  6. Create an attractive Visual Experience;
  7. Understand the Power of Life Events.

Buzz Buzz all around! In this era of Buzz Marketing, every business is striving to get noticed through an online presence. The invention of Social Media has made this struggling journey convenient. Now it became easier to attract more customers than ever before. It’s a well-known saying that “Content is fire and social media is gasoline.” Social Media Platforms (Including Facebook, Instagram, etc.) contribute to a great extent in marketing your brand through “Social Media Marketing.” So, you have to be very careful while applying your social media marketing techniques.

As your target audience possess different buying behavior, every Social Media tips in 2020 has a different impact on each customer. There is no split opinion that the proper use of marketing tips creates a significant impact on a business’s growth. Today we will discuss the top Seven most fascinating Social Media Marketing Tips to increase your business’s online presence.


What are the Top Seven Social Media Tips in 2020 to Get Noticed?

1. Be a Story Teller and Entertainer

It’s not the product you sell. It’s the story you tell. We all human beings like to connect the dots through the stories generated in our minds. Similarly, customers prefer the things to be communicated in stories that may help them relate to their emotional aspects. One of the most engaging Social Media Tips in 2020 is that communication should be entertaining and story-oriented. The story you generate should be based on the mindset prevailing within your target audience. In social media marketing, the story can communicate in the form of a sequence. Moreover, the sequence is to be posted on social media from start to end so the audience may feel emotionally connected.

Post Your winning game schedule among customers

Plans and schedules penned down certainly increase the probability of its success. Considering Social Media Tips in 2020, the marketer should schedule and post all upcoming promotions and campaigns with the relevant hashtags. Thus, a relevant audience can stay connected with your forthcoming winning game strategy. The customer can create positive word of mouth by seeing your post and promotions. There are two main things we need to consider keeping in view social media marketing perspective:

Thus, only a win-win situation for both the business and customer can make you successful in posting a winning game schedule strategy.


Personify your brand

As one of the Social Media Tips in 2020 that is getting appreciation these days is the need to personify your brand through Social Media. Conventional marketing is getting fader day by day, and it has the least impact on boosting product sales. You can personify your brand by connecting the audience with your brand emotionally to feel the brand’s spirit. Like social media marketing platforms, you can share your employees’ success stories and post their office activities. In these stories, they may express how they feel about being part of your brand. Such real-life posts will connect the brand with the audience. In the future, they will relate your employee stories with their routine lives and will be able to humanize your brand.


Use Emojis

In a world full of busy schedules, routine tasks and activities are discussed on social media. While continuing our chat and discussion on social media, we often express our feeling using these emoticons. How about using these emoticons while promoting your business? Well, the idea of promotion through social media using emoji goes pretty well.

You should know why emoticons play an essential role in our communication, both formal and informal conversations. Thus, using the right emoticons in your social media marketing campaign can create a sense of thrill and excitement. Ultimately the idea will be promoted well in your target audience.

We use this website for our emojis. The site provides a wide variety of emoticons suitable for any business and device, and the best part is free. Here is a list of emojis we are using for our Social Media:


Exclamation Mark Check Mark Button 📈 Chart Increasing
Question Mark ✔️ Check Mark Button 💰 Money Bag
⬇️ Down Arrow ☑️ Check Box with Check 💵 Dollar Banknote
➡️ Right Arrow 👍 Thumbs Up 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign
⬅️ Left Arrow 👇 Backhand Index Pointing Down 💶 Euro Banknote
🔝 Top Arrow 🙌 Raising Hands Hourglass Not Done
🔜 Soon Arrow 💪 Flexed Biceps ⏲️ Timer Clock
🛎️ Bellhop Bell 📱 Mobile Phone 🧑‍💻 Technologist
🔑 Key 😮 Face with Open Mouth 💡 Bulb
Star 🤩 Star-Struck ☎️ Telephone
💻 Laptop 🌱 Seedling 🏷️ Label


Use a reasonable number of Hashtags

Using the right Hashtag is an excellent source of marketing. It connects your business` brand with your audience and helps you to engage your followers super efficiently. While promoting a brand through social media marketing, you can use the Hashtag to get information about a particular promotion or a person. The social media marketing tip to ponder is that you should use a reasonable or limited number of hashtags to ensure post visibility. On using more hashtags, the customer loses interest in your post and can even get annoyed. Later it may affect your post engagement rate.

Because of the variety of services Marinext Consulting offers, we use many different hashtags (#) divided into different categories. For example, we have hashtags for Branding, Web Development & Design, Web & Mobile Development, UX/UI, Digital marketing, and more. Following is a list of some of the hashtags we in Marinext Consulting use for “Branding” on FaceBook:


#logo #BrandIdentity
#logodesigner #corporateidentity
#logomaker #logobrand
#graphicdesign #newlogodesign
#design #photoshop
#branding #vector
#graphicdesigner #illustrator
#logodesign #graphics
#logotype #illustration
#logodesigns #packaging
Hashtags in FaceBook for “Branding”



Create an attracting Visual Experience

Another great social media tips in 2020 are that we should focus more on an enjoyable visual experience. The content quality and presentation should be attracting that it may take the customer to a new avenue of imagination. Once the customer has noticed what you want him to review, he will consider your brand before the buying decision. Thus, creating well designed, appealing, and attracting visual experience is as important as the message itself. In conclusion, the main focus of social media marketing promotion should be on content and post appearance.


Understand the Power of Life Events

Facebook is using a life event post to make you remember your past events. When the Facebook user sees his life events in the form of video, he feels attached to the idea. Later he shares that life event post with his friends and families, which shows he connected with the idea. Similarly, using this social media marketing approach, you can implement the idea of publishing your brand’s life events from the start. As people like to see the evolution stage, either it relates to any person or any brand.

This is one of the essential social media tips in 2020. You can grow your organic traffic and develop your own YouTube channel using these life events.


Last words for Social Media Tips in 2020 to Get Noticed

Customer retention is a continuous and ongoing process. It requires your attention and the creative effort you put on makes you get results. However, there are several social media marketing strategies and tips to proceed with your marketing campaign. We believe that you will find these seven social media tips in 2020 exciting and easy to implement. It will provide you with new insight to grow your business interestingly.

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